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FIRST LOOK Trailer for Simon Helberg’s WE’LL NEVER HAVE PARIS

We’ll Never Have ParisWe’ll Never Have Paris Poster Simon Helberg’s hilarious romantic comedy We’ll Never Have Paris is coming to select theaters January 22. It’s a funny look t the real-life antics that led up to the star’s engagement.

Written by and starring Simon Helberg and co-directed by his wife, Jocelyn Towne, We’ll Never Have Paris co-stars Melanie Lynskey (Happy Christmas), Zachary Quinto (Star Trek Into Darkness), Alfred Molina (Love Is Strange), Jason Ritter (Parenthood) and Maggie Grace (Taken franchise). The film will be distributed by Orion Releasing in select theaters on January 22 and on demand January 23.


In a story based on true events, Quinn (Simon Helberg) has been in a devoted relationship with Devon (Melanie Lynskey) for several years, and is ready to propose marriage until a gorgeous blonde co-worker (Maggie Grace) reveals her love for him. Quinn immediately has second thoughts about matrimony and ends up terminating his relationship with his long-time better half. After a brief relationship with the blonde, Quinn quickly realizes he’s made the mistake of a lifetime, so he sets off to Paris, where his one and only true love has moved, to win her back. We’ll Never Have ParisWe’ll Never Have Paris Poster

Jingle All the Way 2 Reader Giveaway

disclosure-2 Jingle2BDBoxArt

What is the holiday season without new Christmas movies? This year Jingle All The Way 2 arrives on Blu-ray Combo, DVD and Digital HD from WWE Studios and Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment. Comedy superstar Larry the Cable Guy and WWE Superstar Santino Marella fill this second installment of the successful film franchise with laughs and holiday spirit.

The story pits two desperate dads in a no-holds-barred battle to be the best father and make this the best Christmas ever!Fun-loving, laid-back dad Larry (Larry the Cable Guy; Cars, Tooth Fairy 2) is having a terrible time trying to find the perfect Christmas gift for his 8-year-old daughter, Noel. The season’s hottest toy, The Harrison Bear, is all sold out, and Noel’s new stepfather wants to keep it that way — so he can be the one to make her holiday wish come true. When Larry learns all Noel wants for Christmas is the bear, he’ll stop at nothing to make his little girl happy and get her the toy of her dreams…Co-starring WWE Superstar Santino Marella, Jingle All the Way 2 is heartwarming and hilarious fun for the whole family!

If you think that the search for the covetted Harrison Bear is a joke, check out the vintage commercials for these other toys that have been hugely popular during the holiday season throughout the years!

1. Cabbage Patch Kids – 1983
2. Gameboy- 1991
3. Tamagotchi- 1997
4. Tickle Me Elmo- 1998
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Head Back to the 90s with VH1’s HINDSIGHT

vh1 hindsight

Were the 90s your decade? You can step back in time to New York City in the 90’s —a time of smoking in bars, carrying pagers, wearing Doc Martens and having an AOL email address as “Hindsight” asks: If you could go back and change one thing about your life— what would you do? About the show:

Hindsight introduces Becca (Laura Ramsey) on the eve of her second wedding to all around “ good guy” Andy (Nick Clifford). It all seems perfect this time around, but she is still plagued by doubt. What if she could fix everything, and make the ‘right’ choices this time? Becca finds herself thinking about her former best friend Lolly (Sarah Goldberg), with whom she had a falling out many years ago. On Becca’s way home she gets that wish after taking a freakish elevator ride and wakes up in New York City on the morning of her first wedding day to bad boy Sean (Craig Horner) in 1995. From there, the season follows Becca in New York City in the 90’s, as she reconnects with her best friend, Lolly and has to make the choice of whether to go back and change her life. Can she “make it right” by living her life all over while re-adapting to New York City in the ’90’s— a time of smoking in bars, carrying pagers, wearing Doc Martens and having an AOL email address? The 10-episode series is written by Emily Fox (Jane by Design) and executive produced by Carl Beverly and Sarah Timberman (Elementary and Masters of Sex).

“Hindsight” premieres Wednesday, January 7th at 10PM ET/PT.

Peter Pan LIVE! Behind the Scenes Tour


Tomorrow night, Thursday, December 4, Peter Pan LIVE! arise on NBC at 8/7c. See below for a very special inside look as Allison Williams, Christopher Walken and the cast take you behind the scenes for a look at the television event of the season.


Watch Peter Pan Live! Thursday, Dec 4 at 8/7c on NBC.

THE Simpsons Season 17 on Blu-Ray and DVD Today

The Simpsons Season 17 Quote 3

Today is the day that “The Simpsons” Season 17 is released on Blu-Ray & DVD. 17 seasons – that’s a LOT! It’s amazing the longevity the Simpsons have been able to maintain.

When we were 17 it was a very good year — a year for Homer’s new dad, MacGyver gets mad, Sideshow Bob’s not so bad… Another comical compilation of The Simpsons — the longest-running scripted show in television history — has arrived. Season 17 contains all 22 outrageous episodes, a vast repertoire of Springfieldian special features, plus a mind-blowing list of celebrity guest voices, including Alec Baldwin, Larry Hagman, William H. Macy, Frances McDormand, Rob Reiner, Susan Sarandon and Lily Tomlin, just to name a few, with additional guest voices also providing commentary including Richard Dean Anderson, Ricky Gervais, Michael York and Kelsey Grammer. Phew!


Little House On The Prairie: A Merry Ingalls Christmas Reader Giveaway

disclosure-2 61SWef46ytL
Little House on the Prairie had to have been one of my very favorite TV shows when I was a little girl. By the time it came on the air, I had already read many (or maybe all) of the Laura Ingalls Wilder books and was so excited to see them brought to life right on my own TV. Even more exciting was the fact that the show was set in Minnesota and I LIVED in Minnesota. I thought that was just amazing. I know that the show was a favorite of many kids, not just those in Minnesota of course, and so does Lionsgate Home Entertainment, who is bringing us Little House On The Prairie: A Merry Ingalls Christmas, just in time for the holidays, starting November 4th.

Little House On The Prairie: A Merry Ingalls Christmas arrives on DVD (plus Digital) and Digital HD will make a perfect stocking stuffer for the entire family. It features two heartwarming episodes, “Christmas At Plum Creek” and “A Christmas They’ll Never Forget,” – both restored to original broadcast length and remastered for optimal picture and sound quality. It’s a steal at the suggested retail price of $9.98.

In “Christmas at Plum Creek,” the members of the Ingalls family share a heartwarming first Christmas in their new home, and Laura makes a personal sacrifice that captures the meaning of the holidays. In “A Christmas They Never Forgot,” the family waits out a snowstorm by remembering favorite Christmases from the past.

Reader Giveaway: One lucky Jinxy Entertainment reader will win their own copy of Little House On The Prairie: A Merry Ingalls Christmas. To enter, just complete the form below by 11:59pm ET on 11/19/14. Good luck!

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Mary Lambert Heart On My Sleeve Album Review

Mary Lambert Heart on My Sleeve Review

If you don’t think you know Mary Lambert, you at least know her voice from her vocals on Macklemore and Ryan Lewis’ “Same Love”. Her hit “Secrets” is currently climbing the pop charts and her new album Heart On My Sleeve will be in stores October 14, 2014.

I recently received a copy of the album to review and I have to say she had me at the first two sentences of the Secrets lyrics: “I’ve got bipolar disorder. My shit’s not in order.” I had hoped for more fun, quirky, spunky songs like the one that started the album, but was still enjoyed the pretty love songs and catchy pop songs. Mary has an intriguing voice and a way with lyrics. I love her slowed-down version of Rick Springfield’s Jesse’s Girl with piano and strings and that may just be my favorite track on the album.

Mary Lambert wrote the album over the past year (with lyrics by Lambert and music co-written by Lambert, co-producers Eric Rosse and Benny Cassette, and songwriter MoZella) and is a reflection of where she is in her life. She says, “This year has been the best of my entire life, which is not to say it hasn’t come with its fair share of hurdles, heartbreak, and harsh lessons. I can only write about the experiences I’ve had. I signed to a major label. I went through a break-up. I figured out how to be an independent person. I have been terrifyingly honest to the public about traumatic events in my life. I met the woman of my dreams. I have been on the road nonstop, away from those I love, but with the opportunity to sing about gay rights to hundreds of thousands of people. This album is inspired by the depth of all of that love, and the journey that it takes to get there.”

You can pre-order Mary Lambert’s Heart on My Sleeve:



For more information, be sure to visit and follow Mary Lambert on social media:

Twitter – @marylambertsing

YouTube –

Facebook –  

Film in Five Seconds Review + Reader Giveaway

disclosure-2 414HEuB+ZeL

I have already found the ultimate holiday gift for the film buffs on your shopping list this year. Film in Five Seconds is a new info-graphic gift book that presents over 150 great movies in just five seconds each.  The official scoop:

In today’s jet-fueled, caffeine-charged, celebrity-a-minute world, who actually has the time to watch a film from start to finish? Let’s face it, life’s too short. Now, Film in Five Seconds lets you fast-forward to the best bits so you can enjoy all your favorite movie moments in–literally–moments.

Design studio H-57 have taken over 150 iconic films and cut away all the useless details, boiling them down into ingenious pictograms and creating hilarious visual snapshots that are witty, provocative and to the point.

From Batman to Bridget Jones, Grease to The Godfather, King Kong to The King’s Speech, via slapstick, sci-fi and superheroes, you’ll laugh out loud as you identify some of the greatest screen moments of all time. This is the perfect book for film buffs and anyone with a sense of humor or a short attention span.

These clever pictograms boil down the plots of your favorite films to just a few key images. It’s super fun to rack your brain to try to figure out each picture – some of which are much easier than others. My husband and I started paging through the book racing each other to figure each one out. It’s very addictive and we had to force ourselves to put down the book before our brains got too fried from concentration!

I’ll give you an easy example from the book to try to guess:

Screen Shot 2014-09-17 at 8.48.54 PM

Did you guess it?  The range of difficulty varies a lot and also will depend on how many movies you have seen or at least are familiar with!

Film in Five Seconds also has a cool feature that lets you unlock animations from the images using a smartphone – completely optional, of course!

Reader Giveaway:  One lucky Jinxy Entertainment reader will win their own copy of Film in Five Seconds. To enter, just complete the entry form below by 11:59pm ET on 10/28/14. Good luck!

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Annie Special Screening in Minneapolis with Big Brothers Big Sisters


Jamie Foxx Minnesota Mall of America Annie


Theaters at Mall of America played host last night to a special screening of the upcoming movie ANNIE for members of Big Brothers, Big Sisters of the Great Twin Cities. The show was kicked off by a surprise visit from the film’s stars Jamie Foxx, Quvenzhané Wallis and producer Will Gluck. Stay  tuned to our parent site,, in the coming days for highlights from our interview with Jamie, Quvenzhané and Will.



Academy Award® nominee Quvenzhané Wallis (Beasts of the Southern Wild) stars as Annie, a young, happy foster kid who’s also tough enough to make her way on the streets of New York in 2014.  Originally left by her parents as a baby with the promise that they’d be back for her someday, it’s been a hard knock life ever since with her mean foster mom Miss Hannigan (Cameron Diaz).  But everything’s about to change when the hard-nosed tycoon and New York mayoral candidate Will Stacks (Jamie Foxx) – advised by his brilliant VP, Grace (Rose Byrne) and his shrewd and scheming campaign advisor, Guy (Bobby Cannavale) – makes a thinly-veiled campaign move and takes her in.  Stacks believes he’s her guardian angel, but Annie’s self-assured nature and bright, sun-will-come-out-tomorrow outlook on life just might mean it’s the other way around.

ANNIE will be released on December 19th 2014.

Jamie Foxx Annie Minnesota